DDOS/HTTP:HTTPS Flood Protection Project

   DDOS/HTTP:HTTPS Flood Protection Project  

A free filtering proxy service/server for a website, hosted on a server of any configuration.
A unique traffic analyzer quickly determines the type of attack and separates the legitimate requests from the requests of the attacking botnet.
A multilevel filtering system provides 99.9% pure web traffic. However, legal bots such as Googlebots, are not affected.

Alongside with DDoS attacks, you will get rid of less visible malware, which are also rather dangerous.
You would be surprised by the number of bots scanning your site every day for vulnerabilities (scan bots),
picking up passwords to your administrative pannel (brute force bots), trying to hack your scripts and database (injection bots),
registering on forums and spamming through feedback forms (spam bots), stealing content (parsing bots), etc.
Time has come to say goodbye to them as well.

Our service is not only filtering, but also caching web traffic, which will have a positive impact on the load of your server.
The risk for numbers of other targeted attacks on it will also be reduced, since the real IP address of the server will be hidden.

How it works?

1. Place an order. 2. Receive a confirmation Email.
3. Change DNS A Record to IP specified in confirmation Email.

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